Frisbee Dog - An Awesomely Fun Dog Sport

This dog sport is called dog disc or Frisbee dog. In this sport the dog and his handler compete together, with the handler throwing the flying disc and the dog catching it. Two of the competitions are freestyle catching and distance catching.

In the 1970's it became popular to throw flying discs with family, friends, and dogs. Then in 1974 at a nationally televised game between the the Cincinnati Reds and the Los Angeles Dodgers, a young man named Alex Stein ran onto the field with his dog and Ashley mesmerized the audience by jumping as high as nine feet and racing up to thirty-five mph to catch the two freebees that Stein threw. After eight minutes of this stunt Stein got arrested, but Joe Garagoila had announced the feats that Stein and his dog performed together. Later, Stein helped to develop the Frisbee Dog World Championship.

In the official competition a team is made up of a dog and his owner. A team gains points for catches of different distances with a set timing. Freestyle events include music and choreography, several discs are used at a time, and the routines are brief. Freestyle can be very flamboyant. The dog may launch from the handlers back, knees or chest. Quick return of several discs and catching a disc with another in the dog's mouth is another stunt.

There are several names for short distance events: distance and accuracy, throw and catch, mini-distance, and toss and fetch. These competitions are sponsored by organizations such as The Flying Disc Dog Open, Purina Incredible Dog Challenge, and Quadruped.

Mixed bred dogs are totally welcomed in these competitions; sometimes dogs from shelters that have been given a home are in the competitions. It is a good way to overcome any problems caused by a dog having been abandoned such as neurotic behavior, being destructive, hyperactivity, and being aggressive.

There are disc dog clubs in many areas of the globe like Europe, Asia, Australia, and the U.S.A. The original club was stated by Ron Ellis during the 1980's.

The medium size dog has the advantage in the disc dog sport. Plus, the dog needs an athletic body and good structure. It is harder sport for small and large dogs. A few of the disc clubs have divisions for small dogs.

This dog sport requires minimum equipment, a big space to practice in, and your dog. Throw away a disc that has rough spots on it that can hurt your dogs gums or sand it. Don't allow him to use it as a chew toy. The disc should not be hard. The disc should be thin, soft though rigid, and light. These are the flexible kind of dog discs: Nylabone, Foppy Disk, Frisbee Flashback, and Aerobie.

The discs need to be maintained. The dirt on a moving disc grinds against your dog's teeth. The disc will clean well in a dishwasher. Sand off any rough spots. This will remove cuts and dents that can scratch the dog's mouth.


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