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Mini credit with immediate payment

Mini credit with immediate payment

A mini loan is a loan with a particularly small loan amount and a corresponding short term. For example, you can choose loan amounts between 1000 and 5000. In the case of mini loans, the term of the loan can vary (in particular each). However, it is advisable to use the shortest possible deadline to keep interest rates low. In this case, it is advisable to keep interest rates as low as possible.

Because the loan amount for a mini loan is usually not that large, the monthly installments are not too high – not even with a short time. Small loans can be taken out by both private individuals and companies. What is a mini loan suitable for? Mini-credits are often used for short-term purchases. Whether it is a surprisingly high electricity bill, a car repair shop, a fresh cell phone, a PC, a food processor or a flight ticket.

Small loans are therefore particularly suitable if funds are needed directly.

Small loans: Apply for small loans up to an amount of 1,500 immediately on the Internet.

The greatest advantage of such a small instant loan with immediate approval and immediate payment: You get your assets quickly and easily – sometimes without private credit checker information: It is not always the large amounts that we need in between in order to temporarily balance an account, spontaneous To comply with requests or to file annoying bills in between.

Created suitable offers for their customers

Created suitable offers for their customers

And we don’t always want to commit to a loan for several weeks or even years – why! Many banks have long recognized this and have created suitable offers for their customers. Be it mini loans, small loans, micro loans, short-term loans – no matter what the marketing strategists of credit institutions and financial service providers understand by such financing, they always have a uniform goal: financial bottlenecks in everyday life with a small online loan quickly and easily overcome.

For small loan amounts from 100 to 3000 USD and a short-term duration of a few days up to 6 or 12 months – and sometimes without the annoying private credit checker exam – there is a classic mini loan. There are very different models for small loans: Either you repay your mini-loan in part in the traditional way or you simply pay the interest on the time taken up, including the loan amount at the end.

Who gets a mini loan? If you have reached the age of 18, are resident in Germany and have a regular net income, you can usually get a mini loan without any problems. Credit institutions usually grant a small loan with little information about your financial situation as a borrower. This usually includes proof of income in the past three months.

Depending on the bank, transcripts of bank statements from the past four calendar weeks may also be required as additional evidence. In many banks – especially direct banks – you as a consumer can also electronically pass on your account information to the financial institution. But even for a small loan, credit institutions often receive information from a credit bureau to check your creditworthiness as an applicant.

Credit line or overnight money

Credit line or overnight money

Small loans or mini loans in the traditional sense – for example as a credit line or overnight money – are often granted in Germany without a credit check. If you are in arrears with a small instant loan with immediate payment, it does not necessarily affect your own creditworthiness. Even a positive private credit checker entry does not have to be a reason for rejecting a short-term micro loan.

Due to the generally short-term and small credit volume, the credit rating standards for such small loans are not as strict as for the classic consumer credit of UBP. Even if small loans are usually only small amounts, you should pay them on time, including interest, on the due date or regularly repay the agreed monthly installment.

If you do not repay your micro-credit on a permanent basis, you will have to face increased collection costs. Attention: In spite of regular breaks in payment at the beginning of the term, a temporary microcredit is not readily granted in practice. As a borrower, you have the option of taking out residual debt insurance to protect yourself against possible late payments.

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