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Saving one horse may not change the world but it will change his world.


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For years, Crossfire Equine Rescue a 501c3 charity, has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the starving, neglected and abused equines of Texas. Find out how you can contribute to the future of a horse in need through donations of money and time. .

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Join our network of equine angels to help the horses of Texas.

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Our most recent rescue needs you now! Rudolph is a 30 year old gelding who came in at the beginning stages of organ failure. The cost of rehab always comes with a high price but it is definitely worth it. Make your contribution now.

Crossfire Equine Rescue provides rescue, re-training, rehab, adoption services and most importantly love to equines in need. Join us in our journey of love to help these amazing animals.

We always need volunteers and rescue angels to help with our cause. From adults to kids everyone can pitch in and make a difference in the lives of these horses.

Christmas came early for this lucky boy!


Last weekend was our annual Christmas volunteer day. One reindeer just couldn't get enough of the love and excitement. Rudolph, pictured in the photo on the left eagerly awaited his "reindeer food" our Silver Saddle Club was making!

Find your inner power by helping others

Meet Our Team

Annie Shurtleff

President and Founder

  • We teamed up with the Houston Vet Tech Institute to help our equines
  • Dr. Jenkins DVM donates to Rudolph
  • Silver Saddle Club continues to grow
  • We now offer horseback riding lessons

Hope in Action

Maureen Woods

Director and Trainer

Theresa Janecek

Vice President

Kendall Walsh

Facebook Admin